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In India we are doing our best since 1990 to give this technology the desired boost in constancy with National Physical Laboratory. Dr.K.S.Krishnan Road, New Delhi – 110 012. We are up-dating this technology by ourselves and also with the assistance of National Physical Laboratory from time-to-time.
Amrita Aqua has the following Directors: -
1)      R.C.Khurmi, Chairman & Managing Director.
Mr.A.V. Chanderan (He is no more) has come to this business after thirty-three years of checkered carrier in Firestone Tyre & Rubber Company Pvt. Ltd. (now known as Bombay Tyre International Ltd.) During this prolonged service of more than three decades with Firestone, he has gained ample working experience both in sales and operations. His last posting in this organization was as Senior Sales Executive for East Zone, looking after Sales, Operations and Personnel of four District Offices in Eastern India, comprising Calcutta, Patna, Cuttack and Gauhati with zonal office in Calcutta.He is no more in this World and taken over by Mr R.C.KHURMI on May 2000.
2)      Mr.R.C.Khurmi, Director-Technical (Mechanical & Electronics Engineer).
After a brief spell in Western African &European countries extending to 10 years as a Divisional Manager in a MNC in Import and Export of Vehicles and Home appliances, he joined Easland Services Pvt. Ltd. Trivandrum in Sales & Services in 1982. He has more than 15 years of practical experience of sales and services of this technology.
3)      Mrs. Pushpa Khurmi
Born in Ludhiana in Punjab and Post-Graguate in Delhi. With pleasant manners and determination she contributes her mite on a day-to-day basis to company’s operations.
We get the parts of our equipment’s manufactured from our two different factories in Delhi under the supervisions of our own engineers and are assembled and tested at our premises.
Amrita Aqua Is a Small Scale Industry having its turnover below Rupees Ten Millions mark a year. We are looking for avenues to grow.

Amrita, creates way to a safer & healthier Lifestyle through its RO Water Purifiers.

Industrial activities & Urban growth have increased the strain on Natural & Ecological resources.

Amrita, a time tested and a reliable name on which people can rely & place their full confidence upon for - Pure Drinking Water.

With several years of experience in the Water Treatment Industry, we offer a variety of Services & Solutions to combat the ever-increasing demand for clean, safe drinking water.

Amrita, comprises of a dedicated team of Engineers, Technicians & Administrators who are trained in their respective fields to provide Superior Quality Products & Unmatched Customer Service

Amrita offers a wide range of RO Water Purifiers, Dispensers & Parts that speak of Quality, which is strongly supported by NSF, Certification, which is recognized Worldwide.

The company is committed to using its collective Knowledge, Experience & Expertise to Develop Products, Systems & Services, which are Incorporated into the Widest Range of Water Treatment Equipments. The expertise required to maintain such high Standard of Systems & Services comes from ongoing R&D of Process & Control, Manufacturing Technology & Colloidal Chemistry. 

Amrita believes in providing most reliable and cost effective products that meet clients satisfaction and Approvals because the price you pay is the quality you afford to purchase.

With offices based in China, India and Middle East, "Amrita " has a global presence and can meet its client requirements Competitively & Efficiently.


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